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Our Manifesto

Our Mission

Written From was founded on a belief that an accessible travel, cross-cultural exploration, and the sharing of experiences, are amongst the most important conditions for human growth and understanding. The opportunity of encounter with these conditions must be open to all and should not be fettered by lack of experience, knowledge or material wealth. All that is required is an open mind and a willingness to learn.

There are two senses in which we travel: externally – physically – and through the imagination. The latter may, at first, seem somewhat childlike, but it is in this liberating state of play that we open our minds, our worlds, and in turn, open ourselves to discovery.

It is through encouraging both forms of travel that Written From, as a platform for culturally immersive writing, travel guidance, and photography, seeks to be a portal for all to encounter the wonders of travel and culture. Our mission is to bring the world to you; to encourage travel and to plant the seeds for growth and understanding. We want to bring people together from all corners of the world to inspire and educate. 

Now more than ever – in the midst of the era of digital boom – we all have the power to connect; to share; to change lives. Together, we have the power to carry out this mission.


Our vision and aims

Our vision is to be an open, accessible multimedia platform that successfully facilitates travel and cultural works for a global audience.

We want to promote the exploration of themes that pervade and prevail across cultures, societies, societal subunits and peoples. We want to create a community in which it is safe to creatively and critically retell your experiences and explore the intricacies of every cultural thematic universe; all the troubles, the wonders, the colours, the sounds, the dangers.

At the same time, we want to be a source of guidance and advice for those wishing to travel and those already on their journey. We want promote new experiences. We want to be a source of cultural awareness. We want to inspire people to travel.

The Written From vision can only be made reality with a community of contributors sharing their voices through writing, photography, or other creative mediums, and sharing in our mission. Together, our aim is to explore, promote and retell experiences.


Our Unique Format

Written From will introduce the use of a unique signature for every single piece of work published on the site. Every work, whether that be a culture / travel related dispatch, opinion or pop culture commentary piece, short story, advice tips & tricks piece, photo diary or short film (with written contextualisation included), will be closed with the tag line ‘Written From… [Location]’

The purpose of this is twofold.

It challenges the creator / author to push the boundaries of her / his creativity; to burst out of their normal creative bubble and to reflect this creative exploration in the work.

It creates and emphasises a personal contextual dimension of the piece published and of the author in relation to the piece. It refers to a personal narrative beyond the writing, beyond the photo diary and beyond the short film. In doing so, it pushes the boundaries of every work’s digital footprint and forces the reader / viewer, always at odds with the cold indifference of the screen, to consider the very humanness of every published work. At Written From, someone is writing to you from the other side of your world.

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