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Last updated: December 2017


Privacy Policy

Written From is committed to the safeguarding of your security and privacy online. It is also committed to transparency, so that you, the users, understand and remain informed about the ways in which any personal information supplied is stored and used. writtenfrom.com may ask you to provide personal information for certain services or the use of certain features. The points below outline the cases in which private information is required, how it is collected, stored, and used. By submitting your information, you consent to the processing of such information in the ways described below:

Personal Information

  1. Your name, email address and URL is required to enable the commenting feature on published works. This information is collected through manual submission by the user into the required fields.
  2. Your name and email address is required and collected, in the same form as above, to sign up to the newsletter service. Personal information provided is shared and stored with MailChimp, for the purposes of analytics and sending emails. At any point, you may unsubscribe from the newsletter service.
  3. Your name, email address and URL is required and collected, in the same form as points 1 and 2 of this section, in order to use the Written From contact forms. This information will be used to enable us to respond.

Excepting the terms below, your information will never be sold, traded, rented or otherwise shared with third parties without your consent. Note, you may receive an automated email sent to your email address when a user replies to a comment you have made on Written From. Written From has chosen to work with selected third parties to provide our users with the best experience possible:

  1. For the purposes of the Written From newsletter service, your information will be shared with third party service, MailChimp, an email marketing platform, as stated before, for the purposes of analytics and sending emails to mailing lists By signing up for our newsletter you automatically consent to your personal information being shared in this way.


In order to ensure the best experience of this site, information about user visits is collected through the use of cookies – small files (known as ‘cookies’) downloaded onto user computers in order to collect information about use of the site. Written From may record information such as IP address, browser information, Internet Service Provider information, the pages visited on Written From, time spent on those pages, and other statistics, which may be used with third party services (Google Analytics) for the purposes of monitoring and analysis of the use of Written From, and to conduct efficient market research. Please note that browsers usually accept cookies automatically. You may opt out, or choose to be notified once a cookie is set, at any time by modifying your browser settings, however some areas of this site may stop functioning properly.


Written From maintains security measures to ensure personal information is safe. However, no exchange over the internet is guaranteed to be entirely safe. By submitting any personal information users acknowledge that such information is susceptible to the possibility of being accessed by a third-party and shared without the knowledge or permission of Written From. Users therefore release Written From from any liability or claims that may arise from such a situation.


Information on this website

This website is an informational resource for travelers and non-travelers alike. We cannot guarantee the outcome of following the advice and recommendations provided. Any statements and examples made regarding any potential outcomes are expressions of opinions or used for illustrative purposes from personal experience. By continuing to use this website and following advice given, you acknowledge that we cannot guarantee any particular results. Therefore, following any advice or recommendations provided on Written From is undertaken at your own risk. If you require personal planning services, or extra travel advice, you should hire a professional.

Written From provides Travel and Culture works. Information found on these topics is subject to change with the passage of time, and we make no representation or warranty that the information provided is accurate, current or error-free. We are not liable for any inaccuracy, error, or incompleteness of the content.



All design and copy, unless otherwise stated, please see Contributor Copyright Terns, is copyrighted to Written From. If you wish to reprint works on Written From, please see our Collaborate page.


Contributor copyright terms:

Contributors retain copyright of their works. However, Written From withholds copyright of every unique Written From signature at the end of every work, which will not be freely available for reproduction.

By submitting your works to Written From, you, the Contributor, adhere to the following Contributor terms which will take effect immediately upon acceptance of your pitch:

  1. You grant the following rights to Written From:
    • exclusivity for the publication of the works contributed for a period of 28 days (we do this for the time being so as to protect Written From as it develops);
    • the right to edit, copy edit, amend or translate your work as we may consider appropriate;
    • the right to re-use your works in any of our publications; and
    • the right to re-use your works for commercial purposes, of which you will be notified;
    • the right to use the title, format and author information of any works;
    • the right to use the works and author information, including images, for publicity and marketing purposes
  2. You retains the right to use works submitted as part of a portfolio within the period of exclusivity and thereafter
  3. In any reproduction of the works contributed, you will acknowledge and link back to the original publication on Written From
  4. Written From is not obliged to publish your works following acceptance of your pitch. If a work is rejected, of which you will be notified, the terms outlined in sections 1, 2 and 3 will not be applicable



Written From provides free and paid downloads. When downloading these items you acknowledge that you will not resell, repackage or redistribute these downloads to others, or upload them to other websites. If you wish to do so, please see our Collaborate page. If you chose to promote these downloads, please link back to the original post. To obtain downloads from Written you will be asked to provide your name and email address, and in some cases provide details for your chosen payment method. In doing so you agree to this privacy policy.



At times you may find we have promoted an affiliate whose programs, products and services align with ours. In the spirit of transparency, we want you to be aware that with promotion of these programs, products and services we may receive financial compensation. Please note we only promote programmes, products and services we believe will be beneficial to our audience and we know have a good reputation. However, you are still required to use your own judgment when determining if any such programme, product or service is the right fit for you. You assume all risks and you agree that we are not liable in any way for any programme, product or service that we may promote, share or sell on or through Written From.



Comments are always welcome on published works however we reserve the right to remove comments that are inappropriate, disrespectful or promotional. Please note that if your comment contains too many links it may automatically be flagged as spam.

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