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Write for a travel publication. We’re looking for creative, insightful and impactful Travel and Culture works. Pitch your articles, photo essays, or short films for a chance to get featured on Written From Travel.


More About Us

Written From was created with a vision: to facilitate travel and cultural works for a global audience. We are a platform for writers, photographers, travellers and storytellers. We work to make Travel and Culture accessible, in more ways than one – it’s about the provision of insightful and personal material to encourage people to open themselves evermore to the world, whether through physical travel and engagement with environments and cultures, or through mental engagement of the same. 

This manifests itself in two sections on our website: Written From Travel and Written From Diaries. Written From Travel is a space for guides, travel inspiration and works of a more factually informative nature. Written From Diaries is a space for more intimate works that provide insight into themes in connection with the author within the bounds of Travel and Culture. Works can, of course, be under both WF Travel and WF Diaries.

We are looking for creative, insightful and impactful Travel and Culture works. If you would like to pitch your articles, photo essays, or short films please get in touch; we want your voice.


Submission Guidelines

Please submit your pitch with a working title and a couple of paragraphs explaining your idea, and introducing yourself, using the form below. If you have any examples of your work (URL) send them over with your pitch. If you would like to submit examples of images or videos, please submit your pitch to enquiries@writtenfrom.com.

Articles must be between 600 – 2,000 words. Photo essays and videographic works must be accompanied by a short introductory paragraph of 100-500 words.

We want to ensure that the personal is not lost from Travel and Culture, which is why we want every work to end with a unique Written From signature: ‘Written From… [location]’. Be as creative and as specific as you want.


Social Media Submissions

If you would like to submit an image or video for publication on our Social Medias, please send your works to enquiries@writtenfrom.com.


Contributor copyright terms

Contributors retain copyright of their works. However, Written From withholds copyright of every unique Written From signature at the end of every work, which will not be freely available for reproduction.

By submitting your works to Written From, you, the Contributor, adhere to the following Contributor terms which will take effect immediately upon acceptance of your pitch:

  1. You grant the following rights to Written From:
    1. exclusivity for the publication of the works contributed for a period of 28 days (we do this for the time being so as to protect Written From as it develops);
    2. the right to edit, copy edit, amend or translate your work as we may consider appropriate;
    3. the right to re-use your works in any of our publications; and
    4. the right to re-use your works for commercial purposes, of which you will be notified;
    5. the right to use the title, format and author information of any works;
    6. the right to use the works and author information, including images, for publicity and marketing purposes
  2. You retain the right to use works submitted as part of a portfolio within the period of exclusivity and thereafter
  3. In any reproduction of the works contributed, you will acknowledge and link back to the original publication on Written From
  4. Written From is not obliged to publish your works following acceptance of your pitch. If a work is rejected, of which you will be notified, the terms outlined in sections 1, 2 and 3 will not be applicable

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