Getting The Cheapest Dubai Visa

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Dubai has grown immensely from a desert to a metropolitan city. There are many tourist destinations in Dubai that have attracted many travelers from all over the world. You need to pre book your tickets in order to avail discounts as the ticket cost might be high during peak season. Getting a Dubai visa is not a big deal depending on what type of visa you want. You need to work things out smartly and check the various options that are available for getting a Dubai visa.  Tourist visa, visit visa, work visa, and many more.

A visa is an important requirement for people who wish to visit the city – unless they come from a nation that is exempted from the necessary visa requirements. According to Dubai’s visa laws, people from the nations that form the Gulf Cooperation Council have the same freedoms and powers within the United Arab Emirates without any visa requirements, as they have in their home nation.

Here are some of the options for the cheapest Dubai Tourist Visa:


Tour Operators

There are many tour agencies who offer services of acquiring visa along with tour planning. You can buy the whole sightseeing package for Dubai from your tour operator. They will give you some discount on your tourist visa. It is advisable to search for the right tour operator and get the best and cheapest option.


Management Company

Apart from getting visa from tour operator, you can directly get your tourist visa for Dubai  from the destination management company of Dubai. This one is the best option for getting visa at minimal cost. The management companies too have various discounts available for their customers. Research and find the best one.


Application for Visa in Off Season

During off season the tickets as well as visa are at low cost. You can apply for advance tourist visa during this season. You can avail there discounts during this period and get your visa in a cheapest way.


Travel During Off Season

Free Dubai visa For children in off Season
Free Dubai visa For children in off Season :Source

Plan your tour to Dubai off season. This is the season where most of the airlines drop down their airfare tremendously. During this time your children might get free tourist visa for Dubai. This is the new policy of Dubai government to attract more tourists during off season.

Another cheapest way to get visa for Dubai tour is by getting travel coupons that are available on various websites. While paying through wallet on tourism websites, you can also get cash back that can help you get tourist visa.


Ok to Board

ok to board with dubai visa
Ok to board with Dubai Visa

Like getting a visa is important for Dubai visit, it is extremely important to have Dubai visa with OK to Board. Once your visa has been granted, you need to send a copy to airlines from which you have booked your flight tickets. Once the visa has been reviewed, you will get OK to Board from the airlines. There are some nominal fees for procedure of Ok to Board. Airlines like Spice Jet, Indigo, and Air India charge nominal fees for OK to Board. Some of the top airlines like Jet Airways, Emirates, Etihad, and Saudi Airlines do not charge for OK to board. You can book your tickets through these airlines. Check with other airlines too that grant Ok to Board with Dubai visa will minimal fees if you feel these top airline tickets are too costly.

The cost of visa depends on the number of days a person wish to visit Dubai. Fewer days results in less visa charges and more number of days result in high visa charges. The documentation process for visa is quite easy for users.


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