About Us

Our mission

The Written From Travel online publication was founded on a belief that travel is the most effective bridge connecting cultures, experiences and, ultimately, people.

Through travel, we engage in cross-cultural exploration and self-reflection. By sharing our experiences, we inspire others to do the same. In doing so, we plant the seeds for human growth, empathy, understanding and solidarity.

It is our mission to plant these seeds; to inspire travel. We carry out this mission by publishing writers, journalists and story-tellers that bring the world to you.
We encourage two forms of travel. One that is physical. One that is in the abstract – and is no less important or effective.

As a publication, we act as a portal through which you can engage in travel. The works published on our site provide the material to guide your physical travels; and to foster cross-cultural explorations and self-reflection in the quiet space of the mind.
Through the encouragement of both forms, we seek to go beyond economic, geographic and social barriers. We seek to make travel accessible to all, so that we can uphold our mission for the benefit of all.

Our Vision & aims

Our vision is to be an open, inclusive platform that successfully facilitates cross-cultural exploration and self-reflection through producing and publishing travel works for a global audience.

We aim to provide high quality content that guides and inspires. We endeavour to support the exploration of themes that pervade and prevail across cultures, societies and peoples. We endeavour to promote new experiences in travel.

We achieve this by creating a community in which it is safe to explore the intricacies of travel, and of every cultural thematic universe; all the wonders, the colours, the sounds, the troubles, the dangers.

The Written From Travel vision is made reality thanks to the writers and creators that share their voices.

Our Unique Format

Written From Travel will feature a unique signature for every work published on the site.

Every work, whether it be in the Explore, Diaries, Tips, Inspiration, or Long Read sections, will include the tag line ‘Written From… [Location]’.

The purpose of this is twofold.

First, it can be used as a literary mechanism that challenges the author to push the boundaries of her / his creativity. How does the author’s present play into the contemplative space of words and images in a work?

Written From...

Second, it creates a unique footprint that emphasises the personal, contextual dimension in and beyond every work.

As such, it forces the reader / viewer, always at odds with the cold indifference of the screen, to consider the very humanness of every published work.

At Written From Travel, someone is writing to you from the other side of your world.

Written From...