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Aerial view of the great ocean road

5 Epic Australia Road Trips

Australia is one of the world’s largest countries and with all its natural diversity, this is an ideal place to have an epic road trip. Seeing Australia from behind the

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Ariel view of a tropic coast

Written From Travel Home

Written From Travel Written From… Travel Inspiration  Interview with Travel Blogger Gabrielle Soria June 10, 2019June 8, 2019 Written From Travel 0 Oceania Travel Blogs  Comparing Mountains at Rano Raraku May

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The Written From Travel Team

The Written From Travel Team Megan Jessica Co-founder After graduating from university Megan is currently off exploring Australia in a campervan. You’ll find her out on adventures taking pictures, contributing

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Palm trees lining the sky with sunset

Fiji Islands: Top 10 travel tips

The Fiji Islands have always been a bucket list destination for us and we finally got to visit in January 2018, while on a year’s sabbatical. Surprisingly, we had a

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People walking in an airport

Long Haul Flights: How to Afford Them

Everyone should have the opportunity to experience and learn new things outside of their ‘comfort-zones’, beyond their spheres of custom. However, when it comes to physical travel, flights aren’t cheap,

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